Transparency Program


In accordance with article 1 of law no. 119/2014 “For the Right to Information” (RTI) it is prepared the transparency program for Aleat Sh.p.k. This program defines the legal framework of the authority activity in the framework of the law no. 119/2014 “For the Right to Information”.  

This program is evaluated as a concrete way through which Aleat builds and grows the transparency in its institutional work, under the guarantee of RTI. Aleat will update periodically the Transparency Program, in accordance with point 2 of article 5 of RTI.

The information made public in this program, aims to make the transparency of the work activity of Aleat, through a detailed presentation in its official website and in the environment of public welcoming. 

The transparency program is presented in rubrics, texts/contents, time period for making it public, the way of making it public and the relevant structure which produces or manages the document. 

In the content of the transparency program is highlighted the publication scheme, that presents the menus where the document is addressed in the official website on the internet. Except this, every document is accessible also in the scheme.

The documentation made public, will be updated in form and contents. The official website of Aleat is built in a way that makes available the information for the public without any request in a format easily understandable. In the rubrics of the official website is presented even information that is characterized from limitation of the identification of personal data for the preservation of the privacy of individuals/subject of the data etc.

The scheme of publication is presented through the summary table highlighted in this program.



The general principles in which is based the Transparency Program of Aleat are:

  1. “The right to information” is a constitutional right provided in its article 23, accessible from everybody without exception.
  2. Presumption of the maximal publication of the data: Aleat exercises public function, therefore the information that flows from its activity is published accordingly with the legislation in power.
  3. The correct implementation of the law and legal provisions that regulate in a special way the activity of Aleat in compliance with the contractual requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 
  4. The information is adapted in a clear and understandable language. 
  5. Supervising body of the public information procedures is the Commissioner for the Right to Information and the Protection of Personal Data (hereafter CRIPPD).
  6. The review of the transparency program is done according the same procedure, through which is done its approval.
  7. Public information without request must be:
  • Complete;
  • Correct;
  • Updated;
  • Simple in consultation;
  • Understandable;
  • Easily accessible;
  • Compatible with the original documents in possession of Aleat.



The information accessible for the public is expressively provided in the article 7 of law No. 119/2014 “For the Right to Information”.

Accordingly with this approved transparency program Aleat sets available for the public its website and in the environment of public welcoming, the following categories of information:

  • The organizational structure of Aleat;
  • The full texts, of the ratified convents, of laws, regulations, codes of conducts, policy documents, the manual or other document related with the conducting of the activity that effects the general public;
  • The information for the procedures that have to be followed for making a request for information, the postal and electronic address for sending the requests for information, and the procedures of appealing the respective decision;
  • Data for the location of Aleat, working hours, the name and the contacts of the coordinator for the right to information;
  • Data for education, the qualifications and the functionaries salaries, that have the obligation for wealth declaration, according to law, the salary structure for other employees, and one description of the selection procedures, the competencies and the duties of the high functionaries of the Aleat and the procedure that they follow for taking decisions;
  • The monitoring and controlling mechanisms that act above the Aleat including the strategic job plans, the audit reports for the High Control of the State or other subjects, and the documents that contain indicators of the Aleat performance;
  • Data for the budget and the plan of the expenses for the following financial year and the past years, and every yearly report for the budget implementation. In the cases when the public authority is self-supporting from the license tariffs or every other form of direct financing from the subject regulated by it, are made public even the documents that show the state of the expenses settlement from the licensed subjects;
  • Information for the procurement procedures or competitive procedures of public private concession/consortium, respectively, according the forecasts of law no. 9643, date 20.12.2006, “For public procurement”, and low no. 125/2013, “For the public private concessions and consortium”, that are conducted on behalf of Aleat, including: the list of the signed contracts, the contracted sum, the contractual parties and the description of the services or the contracted goods, the information for the implementation and the monitoring of contracts, and guides and different policies;
  • Information about the services that the Aleat gives to the public, including the standards for the quality of the service, a description of the categories and social assistance forms, subventions given from public authority and the procedures for obtaining them, information and documents that are required often, every other information that seems useful from Aleat;
  • Every mechanism and procedure for preparing of the requests and appeals, related with the actions and inactions of the public authority, procedures, through which the interested persons can present their thoughts or influence in any way in the laws drafting, of the public policies or the exercising of the functions of Aleat, a simple description of the system that public authority uses per the document record, the kinds, forms of documents, and the categories of information that is made public without request;
  • Aleat, also, creates and archives one digital copy of its website on the internet, fulfilled with information that is required in the approved transparency program, and for the methods, mechanisms and periodicity of the public information publication, that are set in disposition of the public without request;
  • The acts that contain rules, norms or restrictions of the basic rights and freedom of the individual, and with direct effect for them, are made public with displaying or posting in the official website in the internet, within 48 hours from the act approval from Aleat. 

The information published according this scheme, is updated whenever it changes.


In accordance with this transparency program, Aleat sets in the public disposal in its internet website and in the environment of public welcoming, the above categories, in a separate menu titled “The Transparency Program”.


The Commissioner for the Right to Information and the Protection of Personal Data monitors the implementation of the law for the right to information, stimulating the principle of transparency in the job of public authorities, especially by sensitizing and informing for cases of the right to information.

The commissioner makes recommendations for public authorities, related to conception and implementation of the institutional transparency programs.


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